Sunday, May 06, 2012

may showers bring...

today was the annual planting day on my deck...tomatoes, zucchini -two types, onions, beets, carrots, some nice grasses and begonias... sure. and as with the last two years ailsa and fiona came over and lent a hand, or hands, to the cause. it all looks pretty good - the proof, of course, will be in the pudding, or growing and if it grows. the weather held out for us today as well, as you probably saw as well if you were out there today.

i am going to do a few more things here and then head off to bombers hockey...not too many playing today against a tough team...could be bad. but it can only be bad for 60 minutes...
and then dinner at garvie's tonight with issy joining us...nice!

have fun.

g. xo

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