Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pass it on.

one day, a few years ago, craig came into the dressing room wearing the jacket pictured above - i had seen him wear it a couple times before but had never said anything. not this time, i told him right there and then that i loved it. and right then and there he gave it to me. i was stunned but i really shouldn't have been as craig is one of the most generous people i know. fuck it, he's just plain awesome. and he was giving me something he knew i would love and it was something he had been given by someone else - his friend simon.
now it's my turn to pass it on. and so you know this thing is baggy on me. i love it still but i haven't wore it for a while and i want someone else to love it as much as craig and i have. maybe it's you who needs a new jacket.
let me know. you know how to find me.

g. xo

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