Wednesday, May 30, 2012

honey i'm home.

well it finally happened.
i have a new sofa and it's not defective, the fabric is beautiful and the sewing is great. yup. i have a sofa after not having one since approx. the middle of feb. and it's nice to finally be sitting on something that's mine and not some old leather couch that smells like smoke and hurts my ass.

a huge thank you to my pal simon who came to my rescue today and helped me get the leather couch back to fullhouse so i could make room for the new sofa from bombast. i found out at around noon today that my new sofa would be ready for pick-up around 3:30 pm and once i knew that i was on it...and after simon hit the road i went and got the garbs and he helped me get it home and into place.

it looks good. i'm happy.

thanks garbs and simon for helping today. thanks to garvie for helping pick the fabric. and thanks to fullhouse for lending me a sofa in the interim even though i didn't buy a sofa from them in the end. good times. come on over and give it a trial run.

g. xo

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