Friday, May 04, 2012

not rain, nor sleet nor...

well, maybe sleet and snow but today rain wasn't going to keep me for getting my lawns done. there's only so long that i can sit around and look out the window at the rain and not just get out there and cut. sure, it's a drag, but not so much that i still don't love it. a bad day cutting grass is better than a great day at work...or something like that. though, really, right now, cutting grass is my job. a job i happen to like a lot. it was a tough go today for sure.
don bull asked me if i would cut his postage stamp of a lawn sometime over the weekend and for some reason i went there first this morning as it was raining because i just had to get out. and really, once i was out, i was good to go.
after the ten minutes it takes to cut him action, i headed off to judy's and ignored the rain and just gave 'er nails. fuck it. then over the fraser street and elizabeth's place. wet? who cares! i'm giv'ner! hell, while i'm in the area...why not cut rickshaw owner dave's lawn...'ken rights! i will..wet? sure was...but i don't care.
and then....a clearing...kind of. by the time i made it to mag's lawn by trout lake i was not to be denied. and it's a fucker of a lawn. long, wet, cluttered - now with a trampoline in the backyard - so great! but done like dinner.
i needed a sandwich so i headed to bosa to fuel up before i headed to richmond and the dog lawn...that's a big lawn...or of a meadow - equal to about three reg. house lawns...but they, the owners of the dog hospital, had asked me if i'd drop by their house and do it while i was in the area. sure. why not...? i had been to their place before and it looked like an average sized place...except now i know they have the world's biggest back yard...holy crap. so i did that and then had to go do the dog lawn.
i have one more to do but it'll be tomorrow sometime...i'm beat.
i need some dinner...

have fun tonight.

g. xo

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