Sunday, May 13, 2012


for what mom's put up with over the course of having kids in their lives, shit, every day should really be mother's day...
issy did her share of putting up with me to be sure. and now that were far on the other side of my younger days...things are awesome. issy is the best mom. ever. why? she just is. the list would be too long...
i went out to tsawwassen today and we had a very nice lunch at the rose and crown pub, fixed a couple things around her house, had a few was great.
i love you issy.
also a big happy mother's day to dorothy brown and, my love, ailsa brown...a coupe of great women in their own right.
and i would be remiss if i didn't also welcome a few new mom's to the mother's day club...katherine fraser (who celebrates a birthday today as well...), jen with one N, mina shum (not a new member but close...), jessica zallen - out of the gate with twins - tara mascara and diana of brooklyn.
i hope you all had great days with your sons and daughters.

g. xo

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