Wednesday, May 02, 2012

burger search pt. 2

after last week's dismal effort at max's burger's, eighth ave across from whole foods, the garbs and i were in no mood for more disappointment and heartache but decided to venture forth anyways to pourhouse for a burger last night. (we had invited don bull but he was weary from a trip to the woods so maybe next time...) pourhouse had received some good reviews both on line and from folks i know so... (some even saying that pourhouse had copied the refuel burger)..down to gastown we went.
the one thing pourhouse made quite clear to us right away was, they're not looking for us to be their regulars. the folks at the end of the bar with the fancy up-do's and froptops are more their speed. they wanna serve fancy drinks and snacks to the young pros with a lot of disposable income. the garbs figured we brought the place down a notch or two as soon as we walked in the door...maybe. the first test was the margarita. could they? survey says....nope. why is it that some bartenders think that drinks need to be so boozy? a mixed drink is about balance. i'm not kidding. i love tequila and i love margaritas but i don't want the tequila to steal the show. good bless them - rob and jessie...they know the score. pourhouse does not, at least in the marg the extended shake produces too much water in the drink and ruins it..just sayin'.

on to the burger. and as much as we'd like to say it wasn't good. it was. not refuel good but pretty fuckin' good. if it was just slightly pinker it would be a all in all winner - we'll make sure next time. nice bun - toasted just right, good fries, nice presentation...thumbs up. the garbs is disappointed that we have to go back there to get that burger but i told him that sometimes you have to go places you hate to get good things you really like. i think next time we'll avoid the bar and sit at a table so we don't have to listen to the short haired bartender with the sculptured beard list off all the things he'd do in vancouver and all the differences between bars and bartenders and bar set ups and what he likes and dislikes and how he hates yaletown and all it's chain joints etc and how this wine is his favorite right now and how he prefers american whiskey to....blah, blah, blah. shut the fuck up....(some customers who were only gonna be in town for a couple days asked him for a few places to go but he decided to do a full dissertation on the culture of gastown vs yaletown etc...oh and btw the alibi room is not awesome...good but not awesome..)
anyhow...good burger. bad margarita. so after we left there we headed up to fat dragon for some desert and one more marg. i had the rice pudding which is a full winner and the garbs had another pork snack and an ice cream cone...good margs there...katherine, former refuler who works at fat dragon was running the show last night so it was nice to see her...and in a twist, i had told her that i had been to the plant auction and she said they desperately needed to get some flowers for the restaurants - fat dragon, campagnolo and roma, to give away on mother's day and they were having trouble coming up with the amount they needed so i got on the phone and fixed them up with marcy. all good. thanks marcy! so now there will be flowers on mother's day in the campagnolo family. ta-da.
ok. off to cut some grass...sun's kinda out.

g. xo

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