Tuesday, May 29, 2012

galaxy pants and boy bo derek.

it was a day.
the rain kinda screwed with me early on but i was not going to be denied my rounds. nope. i had a new client that needed work and today was the first cut and i had to get it done. she's an older woman who was, seemingly, concerned about when i'd be there, how much it would cost, if i'd sign a form that would get her reimbursed, etc...so i wanted to make sure she had no reason to doubt me. and then the race was on. and today the race included a little something extra. and really not little at all. i am cutting the lawn of a pal of mine and she and her husband have a raccoon issue. well, maybe it's not an issue but the 'treats' they leave on the lawn are. these 'treats' are huge. so much so that my gag reflex - more in my head than anything - goes into overdrive. i got close and had a look and all of a sudden my mind took over. i was hacking and coughing and had a little in my throat and...oh god it was terrible. a neighbour who had come out to get her paper had a look over to see what the hell was going on and then scampered back inside. i don't blame her at all. but i've got to say, if i had that kind of problem i'd be perched out on the porch with a can of bear spray and a air rifle - just enough to let them know i'd had enough of the 'treats' and maybe they'd go visit the neighbours instead. i have a poo policy in that i will cut around them but these things are too big to ignore or cut around -  a shovel is the only tool that helps.
as i was pulling up i saw my pal kathy running by and looking like she wished she was closer to home...i can't blame her with the weather today...and so it was a five lawn day...nice.

i've seen a few things in the last few days..and let me point out before i go on that i know i am no fashion plate but, i think i know some of the rules or boundaries...i saw a couple of white dudes the other day walking down the street both with haircuts from the movie '10'...they were sporting bo derek inspired cornrows...what the hell? hi i'd like a taco and btw i'm venus williams. and then today i saw this woman walking down robson - vancouver's runway - apparently - wearing what looked like very loose pajamas that had the print of the nightsky on them - the night sky as portrayed on the side of a boogie van circa 1979. black with the stars and the moon and all the swirling cosmos...good stuff.
and if robson is vancouver's runway, i'd say davie street is home to vancouver's runaways...or at least the place to look for kids and their dogs. the night we went for burgers with don it was like a squeegee kid convention on davie.
bought myself an ironing board today. yes i did. and a nail and finger brush. living large. and i'm all a twitter with the start of my course at langara saturday that will be followed by a lawn or two and then a bombers match against the anteaters...them guys is good.
the latest napa auto parts commercial uses a van just like the coolerator...i miss the coolerator. in fact, i saw another lawn cutter today and all he had was a van and i was a little jealous. peace coolerator.
and i have had and still have my problems with the no-frills grocery downstairs but sometimes i do go in there and see what's what - they're having some sort of dollar sale right now and one of the things is cans of soup - that habitant or whatever brand - the bigger cans, for 97 cents...wtf? i bought a couple, i'm not gonna lie. and a couple cans of creamed corn - two for a buck.
i'm cooking a tomato sauce tonight. a recipe that was given to me by one of my lawn clients that is a chef and cooks some mean grub. it's smells pretty good in here. i asked her for a simple yet great sauce recipe and she sent me one and i'm giving it a go...if you'd like it let me know...

ok. relaxo.

g. xo

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