Friday, June 01, 2012

when you were young.

yesterday i took fiona to her very first film set. judging by the size of her eyes most of the time i'd say she liked it...she got to see a lot of great stuff that not many nine - well, almost nice - year olds get to see. met erin in the art dept. who showed her a few things there, then it was off to walk through the costume dept. and see a few of the things there...then to the main stage where it got really good.

and i can't really tell you what she saw, it's that way, but if you're familiar with any of the percy jackson books you may have an idea. but she met some characters all done up in ghoulish make-up, saw some cool sets, stood just a few feet away from the main actor, had a ride in a cool car, saw some stunts being performed and met a woman who used to be in cirque du soleil. oh..and most importantly, fiona discovered craft service. kit kat bars and chicken strips. thanks to all who welcomed her to set...especially scott who encouraged her chicken eating.

g. xo

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