Monday, June 11, 2012

under me wheels.

i love my bike - not in a 'let's fuck shit up and give the finger to people driving cars and fuck up traffic in a critical mass' kind of way...but i love my bike. i love that it has a basket and i can cart shit around and put groceries in it and head on home, or to a picnic...well, maybe not a picnic but i have done that too. what i don't care for is that because the bike has no suspension, things rattle and bounce around in the basket and sometimes fall out and take a dive to the road or sidewalk. that happened today. i had been running some errands, after my day of lawn cutting, and was riding home after leaving london drugs and my toothpaste decided to do a header to the sidewalk and make sure it was right in front of my back wheel as i then rode right over it. nice. i still have no opened the box to see if my $1.99 purchase survived, but i will. it was some nice timing action though.
speaking of nice timing, my long time pal kathryn came over last night and helped me with some addition and subtraction as she's an accountant of sorts - more of a big wheel now and gets her minions to do her bidding in the accounting dept. but she is well versed in that worls - is a CA - so her help was awesome last night. i feel a little less dumb than i did the day before. thanks kathryn. she and i go way back to the days of CiTR radio up at UBC. she's had and is having a very interesting and cool life. her husband and she have lived and worked in mexico city, traveled the world, both have pretty great jobs in their chosen fields, live a cool downtown lifestyle. pretty good. i made steak tacos with all the fixin's and over and above the tutoring, it was just great to see her and catch up and have some laughs.
yesterday while cutting in east van i had a little weirdness...i was weed whacking in the backyard and all of sudden, as i came around a tree, something scampered off running but i only saw the tail end of whatever it was...i thought it was a cat at first, then i saw the 'present' it has left behind and knew it wasn't a cat...maybe a big dog. maybe...and i carried on. then as i came out front of the house i saw over on the other side of the yard what it was...a coyote. a mangy, sad, hungry lookin' coyote. he/she took one look at me and crossed the street and then, while staring right at me - as if to say 'fuck you'...stopped on the neighbours lawn and deposited another 'present' and then ran away down the street. i had never seen a coyote in town....not that i remember. cool and weird at the same time.
tonight there's some bomber hockey so i better eat something...

talk soon.

g. xo

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