Sunday, June 03, 2012

in the bag...or not.

weird one.
yesterday i went to the bombers game dressed in my best lawn cutting clothes and then changed into clean ones after the game. i grabbed my lawn crap and put it all in my bag and away i went. or not. i left my boots and some gonch at the game but all was not lost - blair took it home with him...well, the boots i don't know about the gonch. so, i went to his place this morning to get them before i went to cut but he had left to go to work and they were in his car so - ji thought they were inside the house but, sadly, they were i was biggie. off to richmond i went.
dog lawn done i headed for kits...kits done i headed to joe's place in point grey. all good, except when i got there i had no grass bag. what the fuck? i thought i had left it at ali's in kits but when i went back it wasn't there...shit. it's in richmond. so off to richmond i went. and there it was. all sad and lonely. someone had put it up against the railing. so there i was in richmond, still no lunch, to que pasa i went. again. i love that place. and then back to joe's in point grey to end my cutting day. good times.
ok. gotta go. 14 seconds left in the celtics game.

g. xo

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