Tuesday, June 19, 2012

eye to eye.

last week i interrupted a mangy coyote in the back yard of a client's place and thought that may be that. nope. today there was some more evidence that he/she had still been frequenting the yard and then, as i made my way into the back area to start cutting, there he/she was again and now only feet away from me. it was pretty clear that it was not interested in coming at this thing making a loud sound and made eye contact with me and then ran in the other direction and away into the corner of the yard. i got the fuck outta there too. after some searching, jim and i couldn't find the critter but are going to look into ways to make the back yard less of a place it's gonna want to hang out in...more as it develops.
you know, i am pretty liberal when it comes to personal adornment. and when it comes to tattoos i'm open to most but lately i have to say i'm a little mystified by all the young women getting full chest tattoos. huge, all encompassing pieces that can only be covered with a turtleneck or high and tight t-shirt collar.and i am not talking about a piece that comes a little across the chest or that sort of thing. i'm talking about the full on sailor jerry 'don't tread on me', snakes and flags and all seeing eyes up to the collar bone full side to side numbers. sure, the artwork is pretty good - not in all cases but tattooing has come a long way and a decent artist can really do some great work. anyhow...just something i'm noticing and while i have never been one to support the argument that always comes up, 'how are you gonna feel about that tattoo when you're 60?'....in this case i may be on side with that one.
i saw a woman yesterday standing near the eternal flame thingy - which is never actually lit - near cornwall and burrard and in front of the lululemon building. and she was all dressed in lululemon gear and looked to be someone who probably worked out or ate nothing, and she was hacking a butt right there while facing towards chip's empire. so awesome. would have been a great lululemon ad...'even while hacking up a lung, you can do it in style in lululemon...'....
just got my tax bill for big rookie inc...nothing like being out of work, temporarily i hope, and getting a five figure tax bill. good times. and that's not all, i have another one coming due very soon as well....i better get cutting some more lawns. (i may have sold some kaws toys this week so that will help a lot...)
ok..go OKC!

have fun.

g. xo

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