Monday, June 04, 2012


i met-up with issy today for lunch in richmond at the que pasa deli - a personal request by issy and who am i to say no to going to the deli started by tom and his brothers.
we had a nice lunch and in the middle of it issy told me that one of her good friends, ruth, had passed away after a long battle with cancer. ruth had also had to endure terrible arthritis for a very, very long time. her passing was not unexpected, and is not without its blessings - in disguise of course - but so very sad at the same time. i knew ruth, not well but she was a constant for many, many years having dinners here and there and was often around when i would visit issy at her work. she was always very good to me and even through her pain would have a smile on her face and was always interested in what i was up to.
issy says she's fine and that really ruth is in a better place, and she's probably right but my heart is still with her right now and i hope she really is ok. issy's awesome and ruth had a very good friend in her. we're all better off with issy around - especially eating mexican at a deli in richmond, having a few laughs about completely stupid and ridiculous things. thanks issy.

g. xo

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