Saturday, June 16, 2012

i should know better.

i know it's june. the calendar says so but really. come on. i looked outside this morning and said it, 'look at this's suppose to be june' which ailsa said, 'it's like this every year. you should be used to it'. and she's right but somehow i just have it in my head - and i'm not the only one, that it should be better. and summer it's not, i know it's spring but come on. i'm not really sure what drove sylivia plath to it but if she saw this rain every day or every june she'd have had a good reason to stick her head in the oven. and it is at times like these that i start having hippy thoughts - sell it all and move to the country (the country being mexico or tucson or....) and get a job at the local hardware store and just live out my days. because this weather isn't helping my brain. and then more hippie thoughts...what am i chasing, man? who needs a new quit workin' for the man, man. i could sell everything and have XX in the bank and just drive, man. see the sights and figure it all out later when the money runs out. i kid you not, i have these thoughts and sometimes i wonder if i'm gonna be the guy who one day loses it and next thing i know i have liquidated everything and am heading south. i have these thoughts. i really do.
i need to eat. i'm feeling faint.

g. xo

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