Saturday, June 02, 2012

waiting on your call.

it's kind of amazing how fresh 'some girls' sounds...and not the entire album but the track 'miss you' sure does. i had been listening to sam's town by the killers and somehow it merged into 'some girls' and 'miss you'. i remember getting that album brought home to me by my dad when he went to vancouver one week. we were living in prince rupert and i, up that point, disliked the rolling stones - i could muster up some goodness around sticky fingers and black and blue but not much else - and when it hit my record player it didn't come off much. and now, listening to it, the song, 'miss you', it holds. even with it's sax solo - something that makes a lot of springsteen tracks sound like they were, indeed, recorded 20 plus years ago - with all the love and respect clarence deserves i say that.
school was good today. first day. the teacher is a messy writer so you have to listen carefully and squint a little when looking at what she's written and put the two together. all in all i think it'll be a good course and hopefully i'm not too old or too big a dummy and i'll learn something.
it was pretty good at the end of the class, when i was getting ready to leave and go cut some grass, that i discovered that i had lost my keys...oh, and the fun that ensued...but i found them and i was soon off to que pasa for lunch and then to cut a couple lawns in richmond...then bomber hockey...1-0 lose today but a pretty good game i thought...good sweat, everyone played pretty well. nice.
i phoned the girls - ailsa and fiona, after hockey and we went and had a sushi hoss-down on main street at zipang, i think, sushi...pretty good action there. it was nice to see the gals and and share a meal. they had been at granville island all day at the kid's fest, and also saw mishi there and now needed some fuel.

and speaking of mishi, i found a pillow in her store - hammered and pickled - that i thought would go well on my new sofa - and i was one pillow down and a few to go. garvie had said she was thinking about making me a pillow from one or more of my old pendelton shirts that have acquired some moth holes and i'm hoping she re-visits this great thought...just sayin'....
ok. more lawns tomorrow.
good times.

g. xo

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