Wednesday, June 27, 2012

busy slacker

(my pal coco e.mailed me the other day and said she had lost the battle with her lawn...yes coco. yes you did...)

i got up today in plenty of time to get shit done early but, really, i didn't have that much to do early i spent the first part of the day just hanging around the house - drank some coffee, had a smoothie, looked at really, really interesting stuff on the interweeb...then. action. dan, BOC co-founder, just bought a new place and asked me if i could help him move some of his planters from his old place to his new place. sure. i love moving. ok, that's not true but i like dan and i don't mind lending a hand and i get to see his new place in the process. so off i went. and it was fine. i haven't seen dan since the end of our last show which has been a while now so we caught up, shot the shit and moved some zinc planters. good times. his new place looks great and will only get better once he makes it his own - fresh paint, new deck, etc...nice work.
then it was up to judy's to cut her lawn and say hello to the neighbours and see if they ask me to cut theirs as well. they didn't and i was fine with that today. i have no doubt i'll be cutting it again sometime, just not today.
hey. roy oswalt is pitching for the rangers...weird.
'he who can not be named on the blog' has a friend who has moved into a place up on dunbar that needs a little TLC and i said that i could, for a price of course, lend a after judy's lawn i went by to have a look and see what needed t be done...really, it's painting at the moment and they're trying to tackle it but i am now in the wings if they need me...i love painting so very much.
i came home, had some leftovers from last night and then hoped on my bike and rode over to corie and katherine's to water their garden. just making sure everything keeps on growin' was a slog up first ave on my bike - it's not really designed for hills - but otherwise it was a great ride over. now i'm home and ready for a second round of leftovers - just different leftovers. good times.
have fun.

g. xo

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