Monday, June 25, 2012


that was a weekend.

lawns, a birthday, hockey, more lawns, another birthday coming up....
saturday morning found me heading back to langara for my accounting class and i have figured out that i seem to take more in during the week after class (reading the textbook, etc.) than i do in class - and not because i'm not paying attention but my teacher moves very quickly and is a messy writer. i'm getting it done and did well on my first assignments but i think everyone did - we got to take it home so really the score should have been high. still good. i have some more assignments to do over this week and next as i don't have a class this next weekend due to the long weekend.

saturday night was birthday dinner at chambar on beatty street with ailsa and her parents, tom and was a landmark birthday for tom, 75, and it was great to see him enjoying a nice belgian beer, having a nice steak and a fancy 'scotch' desert. he's a good guy that tom and looks amazing for 75! he claims a good shot of scotch has helped him keep his youthful look. i may have to start trying that. happy birthday tom.

sunday was the annual, kinda, yard/courtyard sale at the manhattan building - home to mishi and the garbs. i had told mishi that i had a few things from issy's basement that i needed to get rid of so i may as well try selling them before they ended up in the alley or the landfill. and it was a a huge payday because i made that decision - i bet i made a cool 25 bucks...maybe more and i found a pair of small speakers that i will use in my bedroom to replace the ones i have there now...good times! it was also a reunion of sorts in the courtyard. LLB came by with her new little fella (rescue dog) carlos - though i call him dog carlos. and what a great dog! lots of spunk, well behaved and good lookin'. i got so caught up talking to leeanne that i forgot to take a picture of him...or leeanne. great to see her - i haven't seen her that much in the last couple years or so since she moved out of the building i used to live in. maybe now we'll actually have coffee....and! then there standing before me was ang. yup that ang. the ang that moved to the sunshine coast to chill. it was great to see her as well. she was in town to get an MRI...holy cow. i hope that went well.
then it was time for bomber hockey...we played well - we had to only having eight players and a substitute goalie as drew couldn't make it. i have to say we all had a great game and came close to winning in the final time.
today, the start of another week, didn't start out well but i'm hoping it gets better as the week rolls along. tomorrow is garvie's birthday and i'm gonna make dinner here for her, fiona, tom and doro. ribs and three different home made bbq sauces...nice action. 
ok. let the sauce making begin.

g. xo

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