Friday, June 15, 2012

really? friday?

holy crap. it's friday. and really it means nothing to me that it is it's just i have not said hello to any of you via the blog since monday. weird.
i was going to have a few folks over for a bbq on the deck tomorrow but cancelled that action as the weather this june, and really every june, has sucked hard - or as my pal erin said the other day, it has sucked donkey, the bbq was moved to july when there may be some better weather. maybe.
more lawn clients on-board since last week. when people have asked me how many lawns i do i quickly respond with the number 12 for some reason. but after some jotting down with a pencil the other day - ok it was actually in the 'notes' on my phone - i discovered that i am close to twenty lawns now. pretty good. keeps a guy out there in the sun and rain most days for a few hours. and over and above those twenty are my 'stringers' or random cuts that come along here and there. good times.
i have a question...why is it that some, not all, vegans and vegetarians like to let you know that they are....but in a kinda subtle way. like, when someone asks me what i had for lunch i may say, 'i had some tacos', or 'i had a sandwich'...but i know some folks who say, 'i had a vegan sandwich'...why specify? makes no nevermind to me. it's like some with gender issues...oops...can of worms opening...closing now. my garden is out of control. i can trim back zucchini right? and just pick the lettuce and give it to the binners in my alley? when i plant my garden each year it seems like more space than there actually is out there and before i know it there's a ton of green out there...i learned my lesson with tomatoes after the first year - i had four or five plants the first year and was over run with red ripe goodness.
yesterday my uncle came by and helped me with some issues i was having with the course i am taking at langara...between he and kathryn and the help they have given me, a light may have actually gone on in my head...i finished all my homework and am ready for class tomorrow...bring it on.
ok. i need to get out and cut. just finished up my non-vegan breakfast and am ready to rock.

g. xo

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