Friday, June 22, 2012

data mine rain delay.

i managed to get out and get the three lawns i had on my slate today done and done and done. as i was finishing the dog lawn the drizzle that had been threatening turned to rain but i was all but done so all good. i have some lawns to do over the weekend and am hoping for some breaks in the rain action to try and get them done...if not...oh well.

one for the lawns i do in richmond is over near five road and not far from the que pasa deli, which is awesome, and next door to it is this house that seems to have more cars in the yard every week - which isn't exactly true but today there were two more than usual. i understand that who ever lives there is not popular with the locals but it doesn't seem to deter the love they/he/she has for crappy old hondas and such.
after the tax bill i received the other day i was hoping that would be it for a while, but no. i was lucky enough yesterday to get another email saying that my personal tax had been reassessed and i, after already paying a few thousand in tax, owe five hundred bucks more. payable any old time. but soon.
i'm feeling it. feeling awesome. feeling good.
ok. i need to get some food before i hunker down and get into some homework. have fun today.

g. xo

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