Thursday, June 07, 2012

eeeeeee (buzzer sound)...wrong answer...

so it turns out - after several emails back and forth with my teacher, that the answer i was getting on-line in the quiz was, indeed, correct. i still don't totally understand how it works but i am closer. i think. i actually enlisted the help of a few of my accountant pals and they were on my side initially, and maybe still are, but...well...i was wrong and in class saturday will ask how the fuck that one works. and sunday night a good friend of mine, kathryn - who is an accountant and super smart, is going to come over and give me some tutoring. i am blessed.
i just picked some lettuce from my garden - pretty cool...problem is i'm going to have far too much and need to get rid of some...i'm hoping garvie will take some home after she leaves tonight after dinner, maybe you need some and live close's a very nice purple and green number, i'm hoping it's tasty.

ok...more studying.

g. xo

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