Wednesday, June 20, 2012

lookin' for mr. kawsbox.

 good lord.
i have been emailing back and forth and back again with a guy regarding selling some Kaws toys to him. i think he's a nervous sort and is asking all sorts of questions - some reasonable, some smart and some just paranoid. but it's his cash and i understand, he's never spent a bunch of cash on something like this before so i'm giving him the best answers i can and taking pictures including pictures of the original boxes - which is a big deal in this game. problem was i couldn't find the boxes which meant - if i couldn't locate them - the price would drop by at least 400 bucks...nice. i was sure, as i could be, that the boxes were, along with a bunch of other toy boxes, in issy's basement. so, this morning i drove out to her place and went through the closet that should have had them in it. it didn't. not after the first look or the second or the third. i didn't lose my cool, sure a few choice words but no freaking out, but inside i was wondering, 'where the fuck are those boxes...?'
not wanting to waste a trip out there - issy was not there when i first arrived but came home after i had been there about half an hour maybe more - so i decided today was as good as any to do a little purging of things i had in the closet. i was ruthless. pictures of people i didn't remember - tossed out. blurry pics of people i did know - tossed. books of bad stories i had written - gonzo. crappy nick-knacks - adios. all in all two small garbage bags of old memories i had long forgotten.
and in the other corner. pictures in frames that took up far too much room. so out with the pictures and into another box with the frames - that are not being, probably, devoured by the art kids on granville island as i take such things down there and let them have them.
and now in the back of my car awaiting disposal at mishi's yard sale this sunday (the manhattan building at robson and thurlow) - pool balls (eight ball), books, pictures, model paints, a car model, t-shirts, and all sorts of odds and sods. and i'm going to be taking some more stuff from here as well to that sale...and once it's outta this place it ain't coming back.
but after all the purging. no kaws boxes. but i had to get going so i left, after some great tuna salad sandwiches made by issy, and came back here to get my trailer and go cut grass on the north shore. i thought i would completely obsess about the boxes but i didn't, the lawns did their job and took my mind off of them.  but when i got home i looked, once again, through all my cupboards and nothing. and then. there they were. in, literally, the first place i had looked this morning. thank christ - or someone. so now pictures of the boxes have been sent and maybe he'll want them, maybe not, but either way i know where the boxes are now.
now dinner needs to be made. hopefully i'll find everything i need to get that going.

g. xo

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