Thursday, June 07, 2012


i'm no genius. that's the truth but i may have found a 'bug' in the software they've given us to us in this course i'm taking. there are on-line tests you can do to test yourself as you're doing the homework and readings, and one test keeps coming up with the wrong answer - at least as far as i can see. i have done the question over and over and it makes no sense. i have sent screen grabs of the question to the teacher and am waiting to hear back. if it's wrong, the on-line answers, then i'll be bummed because i kinda rely on it to correct me when i am wrong - it takes the numbers you have submitted and changes them to the correct numbers but as you roll over the ones that are incorrect - they are marked in red - it shows what you put in and what should be there. but in this case, that's no help. so far. if i am wrong, and the numbers they are showing are correct, then i have no idea...
ok...back to reading...

g. xo

ps...nice fucking rain out there.

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