Friday, June 08, 2012

how would you like to pay today?

i have a lawn in west can that's one of my favorites...for one thing the clients - elizabeth and barry - are awesome. super nice, funny and always good for a interesting chit chat...also, elizabeth is a wicked cook/chef and gives me both food that's ready to eat and, like today, raw product that i can cook any way i desire in the end. and it's always top shelf in quality and when it's something she's cooked, good god it's great. today i was paid with a thing of borscht she made, some beef stock, prime USADA Grade A beef short ribs and pumpkin loaf. really? for cutting grass? that's awesome. i'll be slow cooking those ribs shortly and then passing out after i eat them. nice.
it was a day i'll say that. i got up early and got cutting as soon as i could. the rain puts me behind so i have to play catch-up on weeks where i have missed a few days due to the usual shitty vancouver june weather. starting in dunbar at judy's, i was later in west van, north van, east van, and richmond. and the rain seemed to be following me the whole time and then as the day wore on the sun finally cam eout and is suppose to stay for the weekend and maybe into next week. which is good since i have four lawns on sunday and five on monday. good times.
it was a bust week - lawns when i could, fixed a garbage disposal for refuel jane - had to take it out and take the entire thing apart and fix it, then put it back together and back in the sink, put up a bunch of shelves at the pickle and have been taking care of the neighbour's cat - so great for someone who is basically allergic to cats and hates cleaning out litter boxes...
ok. now i need some food - tomato pie in the oven as i write this - thanks issy!
have fun...

g. xo

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