Wednesday, February 29, 2012

muggy and hungry and thirsty and....

welcome to austin.

i generally like to get to places, cities in general, long before the ruch hour starts so i don't get all caught up in traffic jams when i'm trying to find an exit and then have to try and cross three lanes when i see the one i need to get to.
i am now in austin and did exactly that. beat the crowd. all of them. and made my way over to south congress st., where all the shit that's happening that i need to see is happening - according to my research. and it would appear, well not appear, it's true, that nothing opens or gets going until 11 a.m.
ok. i have a few hours to relaxo.
i met some kid at jo's coffee shop when i first got here who was a particular lad. he asked me why i changed my shoes when i got out of the car. so i told him that i rotate my shoes so they have time to air out. he then started asking me all sorts of questions...and in a very peculiar way. he kept saying sorry for asking me questions, and calling me sir and saying how i was blowing his mind - i had told him where i had driven from, became increasingly clear he was a guy who hung out at this coffee shop because they had outdoor seating - because he was there long before they opened, and he may have actually been up all night and was, maybe, still on some sort of buzz.
i told him i was gonna go for a walk and come back when the coffee shop opened.
which i did. and he was still here when i came back. he's since left and gave me a very odd look when he walked by me.

ok. more coffee.

g. xo

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