Thursday, March 01, 2012

a long way. for one thing.

i know how it looks. i'm aware. i often drive long distances for one thing - generally food, but not always, sometimes a baseball game, a concert, thing here. i have gone to san francisco for a burrito and a ball game. i know how that looks, especially to the border dudes.
and i know, also, that it seems odd that i would drive all the way somewhere, say thousands of miles in some cases, and stay, eat, watch a game, or...and then head home, or somewhere else. but, i am driven by the greatness that is at the other end. or something at the other end i'm willing to drive and see if it's all it's cracked up to be...
and so. today. i woke-up in van horne, texas and knew i had a six plus hour drive to tucson, arizona ahead of me...and sure. no biggie. but i wanted to make it to little cafe poca cosa before they closed at 2:30 p.m. there are to restaurants with the poca cosa name here, the night time fancy poca cosa, and the little sister, little cafe poca cosa. both amazing. but i have come to love the little one. and so i was off and running.
i made great time and was walking into little poca cosa at 1:00 p.m. and was so excited i could barely contain myself. they have an amazing menu of very traditional mexican food. not a burrito on the menu. and the people who run it play loud music and make you give them hugs when you come in...and because i can never decide what to get, they have a 'surprise plate' where they bring you three items of their choosing...
today that was: cochinito en chili colorado - slow stewed pork in a spicey chili sauce, pollo negro mole - chicken in a black mole sauce and a roasted pepper soup. plus beans and tortillas, salad and chips and house made salsa.
ten bucks. oh, it was 14 with horchatta...such a rip off...i told garvie that i almost started crying after my first bite and that it's the kind of food that's so good you're not sure you'll ever taste anything as good ever again...(you will...but...)
because i had driven so far they gave me a bag of chips and a tamale to take with

i love that place....!
so in the end, sometimes the trip is well worth the while...and all the stuff i get to see inbetween...
then it was off to get my car washed and the oil changed before i head off to LA and then north to santa cruz, etc...and then home.
home. that will be nice.

i'll give my report on austin later. i'm still too stoked about my lunch to tell you now.

g. xo


reneelaroi said...

Litte Cafe Poca Cosa is well worth it! As are seeing my Ma and Pop!

reneelaroi said...

Yum. Little Cafe Poca Cosa is worth it. I would go just for a glass of cold agua de flor de jamaica ... yum. Hope you get to give my Ma and Pop a squeeze. rx