Wednesday, August 28, 2013

if i'm gonna...

..then i better.
post. i have to post if i am to bring this thing, this blog, back to life. i am making ketchup, and just ate a few too many scoops of ice cream and am thinking about how, how i need to keep up on this thing.
but i am fading a little.
when i finished this off last year i felt like it was time. it was time to give it a rest. and i did. there were various reasons why i did - some i mentioned then, and some i did not - and will not mention now. it was just time. i don't have as much to say, i don't think. i have stopped taking as many pictures - i think people got tired of me pointing the lens at them - so i stopped. i also wondered about me needing to document everything. everything i did. you did. all of it. leave a little to the imagination.
but i am going to try and keep this up and running and make it fun again.
this week has been a test of sorts.
i was, after finishing the last big film project, taken back to working on set again. and i have to say, i was kinda stoked to find out i was working on a project matt dillon was involved in. pretty cool. i was not as stoked to be in the woods in the GVRD watershed until early in the morning from the night before in the pouring rain. but i was. there. doing that. and really, it's a paycheque. and i was there with guys i really like, who i have worked with or known for years. so it was all good.
i made my annual pilgrimage over to hornby to visit with ailsa and fiona as they set up camp there for a couple weeks. it's always a short visit but i like doing it - ailsa's parents tom and dorothy were there as well and i like having time with them as well. it was beginning to rain as i left yesterday morning but i know they had enough books and games to keep themselves occupied.
before i went to hornby i stopped in at floyd and janine's to see them. my dad was in bed as he had done 'something' that made his back and left leg very sore -  a nerve issue i believe. i have had word since that he is on the mend so that's good. i also, while in victoria, met-up with muc and jenn and the new one there - august jackson. he's a good lookin' kid that one - not a lot of crying but a lot of smiling for sure.
marc and i had dinner at bin 4 - victoria's best burger apparently - and had a nice visit. it's nice having him back in this neck of the woods as i get to see he and jenn more. and now i get to see jackson grow-up and become a mini-muc.
today was all about cleaning. so very exciting. i have to cut tomorrow and go pay my corp. taxes - so that'll be great. oh and i get to write a cheque to my security alarm company as well. oh it'll all be so great. handing out cheques.
and now, now i am making ketchup from the few tomatoes i did manage to get from my 'crop' this year. i want to make the most of what i did get out of the crappy crop. i have made decent ketchup before so i am hopeful.
ok. i know i need to get back in shape here and i am working on it. the insults, the rants, the raves, the pissed-off garn. don't worry, i'll get it back.

g. xo

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