Friday, August 09, 2013

overcast with a chance of 'holy crap i can't stop sweating'

there was rain, finally after much talk of it coming and wreaking havoc. but it was short lived and the game was back on thirty or so minutes later. 

it's the truth.
the east has humidity like no other place i have ever been to. one time in st. louis i didn't stop or at least kinda get a handle on my sweating until the 4th inning at a cards game. and when it rains just before a game - lots of thundershowers out here - it's worse.
the weather in philly is both hot and humid. and it rained in the night too. both nights.

i opted for the train to the game today and while a cheaper option, it's a sweatier one. really, really sweaty one. and once at the game the sun came out and made it even hotter. i stayed in the shade for an inning before going to my actual seat and once in it i, of course paranoid sort that i am, felt like everyone around me was looking at the sweaty canadian guy. i went back into the shaded area where the wind seemed to pass through nicely and things got much better before i headed back to my seat - nice that you can see the game clearly from all over the park.

the phillies, after losing the night before to the cubs, came back and assaulted the cubs 12-2. nice - on the day phillies second baseman, chase utley, signed his new two year deal worth way too much. but for some reason i don't care as much as i do with assholes like A-Rod, utley is a classy player, a hard player (he had a collision at home plate the night before that was hard enough to send the cubs catcher to hospital for x-rays. ), and skilled even is his so-called 'later' years as a player.
after the game i headed over to Talk of the Town for a philly cheesesteak - a well deserved after game snack..though truthfully i didn't eat again until this morning it was so filling.

a friend from high school, donna shier, moved here 24 years ago after meeting the love of her life. they married and they have been here ever since - four kids! wow. we managed to get together last night and the three of us, her husband mike who i got to finally meet, and walked around south philly a bit, had a drink and then they took me home well past my bed time. so great to see her.
it was a short sleep, four hours, and i was up and away to catch one train to the amtrak station and am now waiting for my 7:45 am train to washington, d.c.
i think there may be some shut eye on the train.
bye philadelphia.

g. xo

 every game needs a kid in a chicken outfit.

 this guy reminded me of george from seinfeld. he was a superfan.

more from yesterday.

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