Saturday, August 10, 2013

the heat and the stupidity.

after a little snack across the street from my hotel - which seems to be in the centre of anything even remotely medical (several medical training centres, at least three hospitals, universities, etc.) - i came back to the hotel, once again sweating like a freak and had a little rest and then headed out to the astros game. it was a inter-state game as they played the texas rangers and it seemed like there were more rangers fans than astros fans (everyone loves a winner...the astros have the worst record in the league and the rangers are a top tier team)

good back and forth game with the rangers coming out on top in the end.
they are doing construction on the lightrail line i was told to take to the game so i had to transfer to a bus with a grumpy driver on it who really didn't know where i should get off to get to the park and made it kinda clear he didn't care either.
and then after the game, as i was walking looking for either a taxi or a bus to get to the lightrail again, i got on the same bus. literally the same bus. same driver. and after i put in my money i asked for a transfer for the train once i got to it, he told me if i had used a 'blah-blah' card, then i would and could use it as a transfer, but because i used cash i don't get one and would have to pay again once i got on the train.
oh, i don't think so.

i would have to say that houston is probably a 'one and done' city. (above - the view from my hotel window.) from what i saw and from various reports, there's no reason to come back on a vacation or...but i am very happy i came and saw one more team on my quest to see every team play at home. i now have three more teams to go - the twins, the marlins and the rays.
i am happy to be back at the hotel and able to have a shower and relax.
see you soon.


 this guy was happy to be at the game

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