Thursday, August 22, 2013

matt f'ing dillon, bullshit margs and a fixed doinker.

i have said this before and i'm saying it again - i don't often get too juiced up about seeing celebs. at work i see a lot of them - actors - and i used to meet a few here and there when i did radio - musicians mainly - and i have seen a few sports dudes here and there. but today i was taken aback when i, all of a sudden, found myself standing next to matt dillon. pretty fuckin' cool. he of The Outsiders, Rumblefish, Drugstore Cowboy, etc...great. so great. i am putting in a few days on set on a little thing and i didn't know he was in it. now i know.
last night the garbs, mishi and i went to cuchillo, a new mexican inspired/latin joint on powell street. a friend of mine did the graphics for it and it sounded like a place i would like so i wanted to try it. so. we did. and very shortly into our dinner i knew that, maybe, things may go more south than we were hoping. we ordered three margaritas and they came in martini glasses with no rocks/ice.
now that's bullshit.
we asked about it and our server said that traditionally that's how they came - (even though she admitted that she preferred them on the rocks. and that they don't like to add ice as it dilutes the drink. there would be no way that shaking a drink over ice that the ice may get crushed and broken and add water to the drink already. nope. couldn't happen. we didn't order any more margs.
the food there is very good but the entrees could be 3 bucks each cheaper i think. the tacos are well priced and tasty. the cornbread is a complete rip-off - delicious. but for what you get - a rip. will i go back. yes, but i'd just saddle up to the bar - eat a couple tacos and order a marg on the rocks and then get the hell out. (the crowd was surprising as well...lots of yaletown sorts and west vancouver ' the real housewives' comes off as more of a bar than a restaurant.)

my bbq suddenly stopped working and after some investigation i figured out that the quick connect had lost - how i do not know - a little 'doinker' that sits inside that allows the gas to flow one the bbq hose is attached. (the hose has a little tab that sits 'proud' that pushes the ball in the 'doinker' and allows the gas to flow...) i asked the asked the building manager where the gas shut-off was and after my third attempt, took the old fitting off and while the gas was free flowing into the air, re-taped the threads and put on my new fitting. presto. fixo.

ok...tomorrow i don't start on set until 4 pm so it'll be a long day/night...

g. xo

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