Friday, August 02, 2013

get on a ferry, cross a bridge, get on a ferry, cross a bridge

ailsa and i hit the road earlish thursday morning and made a break for the border. we had decided to do a little round trip of washington and oregon over five days and this was it.
it's less dramatic than it used to be crossing the border with me - oh the fun to be had then. hauled in by the customs guys. asked all sorts of questions - over and over. those really were the good times. not so much anymore. i think they got bored with me.
(could, of course, change at anytime..)
we made a couple quick stops - trader joe's for some provisions, cabela's for some camping gear ailsa was looking for and come coffee at black cat in bellingham. then it was time to head to bainbridge island - land of the rich white guy. and their wives. it's a stop ailsa really wanted to make - and one we made last year as well - because the mother of all knitting shops is there - church mouse. i know nothing about such places but know this - she, ailsa, is like a little kid when she's there and so very happy when she leaves, goods i hand. so it's good.
we then headed southish down through the peninsula and back over the I-5 and down to kelso/longview to get back over to the coast. we drove as far as seaside where we got a, not fancy hotel that was a block or two from the boardwalk - or rather, cement sidewalk thing that is near the water. seawall? i dunno.
the weather wasn't our friend overnight but while it was foggy and a bit drizzly today, we made do and it was actually very nice. had a great breakfast at the firehouse grill, ate tacos in tillamook, drove to cannon beach and walked on the beach, read for a while on another beach an hour or so down the was good...those pics later on when i find my camera. for now, a few from yesterday.

g. xo

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