Monday, August 05, 2013

bend-a-roo, portland, elsewhere....along the way.

well, we have been moving making our way in a big circle. from seaside we made our way down the coast as far as florence and then headed inland to eugene. ailsa and i had been to eugene together approx. 20 years ago, maybe a little less, so this was our second 'official' trip there together. (the last time was on a roadtrip to san francisco that went horribly they do sometimes.)
we had a very nice meal in eugene, stayed over and spent good portion of the morning at the farmer's market before heading to bend to see what we'd see in bend.
what we did find in bend was pretty good beer - kinda what the town is known for - a river that everyone and their dog floats down on tubes, a big car show and high temperatures. we had picked up some cheese, tomatoes and bread in eugene so had a 'poorboy' lunch on the grass by the river, watched folks in the tubes arrive at then end of the run, looked at some cars and had a little relaxo. nice.
in the evening we headed to portland...arrived late, ate at la bonita - home of the never disappointing mexican food, and stayed at the lovely aladdin inn just slightly out of town.
we had a very good day in portland - i probably did more in portland yesterday than i have done in the past three drop-ins there. had breakfast at fuller's - a counter style diner that has been there since the 40's i believe - walked around the pearl district and downtown area for a around four hours, went to schoolhouse electric and 23rd street, and then to dinner at pok-pok (a place recommended to us by friends of ailsa's...and rarely do places that have a: been featured on TV and b: recommended by pals that say they're 'great' ever measure up to the billing but pok-pok was awesome...)
after dinner we drove up the 5 to just short of olympia (tumwater) and will now head up to seattle, after a coffee at cafe vita, have some lunch and head home and, hopefully, avoid the huge line-up of longweekenders like ourselves heading back to canada.

g. xo

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