Wednesday, August 07, 2013

cloudy and muggy with a strong chance of a dramatic finish.

i was a little concerned, ok more than a little, about the chance of the games i was heading out to see being rained out - the weather channel and such made it look pretty dire. rain 'scheduled' in all three cities. great. (houston has a roof so no matter what i will see the game there rain or no rain.)

i left early - 3:30 am - this morning pacific time and, after a border crossing that can only be described as a formality, i rolled into seatac around 7:00 am and was away promptly at 8:25 am. i realized yesterday that i was going to get into philadelphia and to the hotel by around 5 pm so i could, if i wanted, go to the game tonight. hell yes i did. (i ran into a couple outside the hotel, while i was waiting for a taxi, who were also going to the game so we shared a cab to and from. nice couple. from new mexico. he works for southwest airlines, so they get free flights and go around watching baseball. he has three parks to go, like i do, to complete the cycle of parks.
tonight i got to check off one more. citizens bank park - check. and tomorrow i will go to the 'nooner' and then try and find the best cheesesteak in philly.
the game was a bit of a sleeper into the fifth but just when you thought it was going to extra innings ties at two...a three run home run by the cubs sent the faithful phillie fans heading to the exits. it was awesome. i had this feeling that something was about to happen, and it did.
maybe tomorrow the home team can make some news.

i'm sleepy.

g. xx

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