Saturday, August 10, 2013

we'll pick you up at 3:44 am.

when i got into washington, d.c. yesterday i checked, before i left the train station, on what train i would get to the airport this morning. i had read on-line, as i was leaving from a baltimore airport, that it left when i needed it to. but on saturdays, apparently, it doesn't travel as often. to make my 6:44 am flight i would have to leave on the 3:15 am train. nice. and what that meant was i would have to leave my hotel at 2:15 am. the math on when i'd actually have to get up just didn't work for me. i enquired at the hotel about how much a taxi would be ($100.00) and then found out there was a shuttle that took people from different hotels to the airport - and i could be picked up at 3:44 am. the best they could do.
so. up i was at 3:00 am and at the airport by 5:00 am.

i had a connection in charlotte, north carolina and then was away to houston - where i am now. where it's raining. the one city that has a covered stadium so it's all ok. all good. the game is at 7:05 pm and i am a tad hungry so i am gonna go out and find some snacks. the woman at the front counter suggested a bbq place but i am suspect of it - i think it's a chain. we'll see.

yesterday in washington, d.c. i did manage to walk as far as the white house but was so soaked with sweat i had to make my way back to the hotel and re-group. it was a heavy heat yesterday. as soon as i would step out of the hotel or any air-conditioned place it just hit me. and when i would see a group of office dudes in full suits without a bead of sweat on them, it somehow made it worse.

the subway was an easy go - and mainly because i had ridden it before when i was here after gavin's nyc wedding and ended-up at the capital/bruins game - and i got to the game quickly and was able to take in batting practice, chat with a cool old usher and eat a wicked sausage with all the goods on it.

it was my third time seeing the phillies play in three days - and they got clocked by the nationals last night - much they way they took it to chicago the night before in philadelphia. the rain threatened but held off thankfully. then it was off to bed after i got back off the very crowded subway - which is also super great when it's muggy out.
now. food. then the astros game.


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