Monday, September 02, 2013

decisions, decisions.

oh lordy.
it has been a week i'll tell you. i'd be cryptic but i don't even have the time or energy for that. i find life hard and right now, it is. it's not fatal, i am not dying - i don't think, but just plain hard. i'll figure it out.
on the other hand...

i am thinking, once again, about selling my motorcycle as i have only ridden it three times in the last two years and while it's a great bike and beautiful, like so many other things - if you're not using it, why keep it. so, once again, i am thinking. i was on it last night and sure, it's great to be on it, it's fun, it's great to feel the wind, etc. but, i dunno. it's hard to let something go that you've had for over 20 years.

craig send me this pic of him wearing a nixon lawn order shirt - such a great guy. i am lucky to have him around.
ok. it's labour day and i don't have a so is it still labour day? a day off from my job?

g. xx

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