Sunday, August 11, 2013

texas taco two-step

i lounged around today until 12:30 pm to take advantage of the late checkout time at the hotel. (1 pm) i read a little, watched some bad food network tv, walked over to get a coffee near one of the hospitals and organized my bags and such so i'd be ready when the shuttle service comes and gets me at 4:45 to take me to the airport.
as a side note - a correction to my info yesterday about the number of hospitals in the area. the city of houston, after i did a little research, has the world's biggest concentration of medical research and healthcare facilities. and it makes sense now, or more sense, there are many people staying at my hotel who are here for medical reasons - i have overheard many conversations and seen many in wheelchairs and such in the building.

i decided to skip the game today and instead go find a taco truck i had read about online. (some top ten taco list for the city of houston) it was great - or it was great because of the general lack of food in my area. no. it was great. i had hoped for a simple truck that served great tacos and i got one. though i had heard that the place across the street - the alabama ice house - was cool with you bringing your food over there to eat i did. i also thought the icehouse was a place that would have an indoor area that was equipped with A/C. i was wrong. it's one main building that the staff house and serve up food (i think) and beer (i know) to patrons who sit outside at picnic type benches. there are old rusty fans that blow air and misted water on you - if it reaches you that is.
so after i grabbed my tacos i headed across the street and ordered up a modelo and started in on my lunch. pretty good stuff. but as i sat there i got hotter and hotter - suppose to be a cooler than yesterday 94 degrees today. so when i was done, i was kinda done.

i headed over to the trader joe's to get a few snacks for the plane and then waited in the sun outside, for longer than i had expected to, to flag a taxi to take me back to the hotel to wait, as i am doing now, for the shuttle.
sure, two taxi rides to get some tacos and a beer is an expensive way to get lunch but, it was well worth it.
now...a 7:45 pm flight to seattle and then a drive home. and work tomorrow.

g. xo

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