Tuesday, August 20, 2013

not too old, but maybe too old for this/that.

the bombers played last night. we were into the second round of the playoffs in the spring/summer league on the north shore.
i am sore this morning.
i generally feel fine after hockey, minor bumps and such, but i got knocked around a bit last night and took three pretty good shots from the 'kids' we were playing. and i do mean kids. and that may be the problem now. they're young, fast and full of piss and vinegar and i may not be anymore. i know that, in the world, i am not old, but i may be too old now to be playing with and against these guys. i'm 49 they're anywhere from 18 - 30 last night...maybe not even 30. and sure, we hold our own - some much better than others - against them but i am starting to get even slower and i think the worst part, or just a natural reaction to hockey as i get older, care less and have less fire in me to play at that level.
i have signed on for the winter session but am thinking it may be my farewell season with the bombers and i will just spare or play part time after that - shit, i may just sit out games this season when i'm not feeling it.
i love being a bomber and was trying last night to get it done but felt a little over my head. i was drenched in sweat at the end - always a good thing - and i went out every shift trying to make something happen...but not much did.
there are new guys playing winter this year too. new guys, guys who we grabbed for the spring/summer session. and i look at them as the new skaters, a changing of the guard maybe - a couple older players leave, new guys come on board - it's happened on every team i have ever been on. i welcome them.
ok. that's it. old, fat, out of shape. classic beer league player. i just may need to find a team with more guys like me on it, playing against more guys like me.

g. xo

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