Wednesday, August 14, 2013

red devils

i am home again. back in my own bed, sleeping like a giant baby - minus the crapping my pants part and the crying. i think.
i hate hotel beds. and truth be known, i don't sleep well, not really well, anywhere but my own bed. so i am happy to see my own sheets.
it's back to work for the time being - we're just wrapping up what was, for me, one of the hardest shows i've ever done. it was very hard on my brain. but, it is coming to a close. and, unless things change, may be my last show for a while - never say never but all signs at the moment point to the BOC shop not having a show out of there for quite a while. like perhaps a couple of years (something i was preparing for, at least in my brain.) and even when you know something's coming, it's hard when it finally happens. sure, i guess i could go work somewhere else, maybe i could but it wouldn't be doing what i do now. it would be back to set work - something most people i work with have never seen me do - or maybe helping out in another shop.
i dunno. am i nervous? sure i am. a little pissed off? you bet.
so, i am looking ahead. not right away - i do need time to think. but i am thinking, and i have before but now more seriously, of looking for a job outside of the film biz.
maybe turn lawn order into a full time, full service gig - add pressure washing, eave cleaning, etc. take the rest of the bookkeeping course i started and see where that takes me. sell fireworks - i'm not kidding.
maybe become a butcher. shit, a baker. why not?
maybe i'll finally finish my novel. i know there's no money in it, but maybe i'll actually finish it. then you can read it.
if you have any ideas, not for the novel but for my, possible, new career, let me know. i am a curious fella.
for now i am home, wrapping up this show, cutting grass, playing some playoff hockey, hanging out with garvie - garvie and fiona last night for a lovely summer dinner at roma - and thinking. but not too hard yet.
and, oh, thinking of clearing out the garden. it may be done. kinda early but this year, i think, maybe, needs to be taken away from my sight. even the pot is not doing well this year - it may produce something but i am not holding my breath. and really, i do it for fun, but it's not as fun when things - anything - grows so poorly after you give it all you think it needs to succeed. oh well. always next year. (i am going to really give the garden an overhaul in terms of making the soil uber rich with poop and compost over the winter.)
and so it is. i'll finish up my coffee and head in. and then tonight, after work, i'll cut judy's lawn and then head to the rink to do battle with a bunch of 18-25 year olds on the ice.
good times.

g. xx

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