Sunday, August 18, 2013

you dropped what where?

when you open a can of paint with a knife make sure you haven't left a sharp edge anywhere.

last night at dinner at roma, my pal juliet mentioned that she and her (ex) mark had gone to a house where they were to pick-up a hard drive, that had been 'hidden' for them and they now had a little problem. the hard drive - that had been left for them by an artist he does wed/graphic work for - had been left on the top of a column at the top of some stairs at her, the artist's, house and when they went to grab it, it fell inside the column. the hard drive, in an envelope, was inside the column and he needed it to do the work for her. no hard drive, no work done.
so after dinner we drove up to the house and had a look at the column and then figure out what could be done.
i told juliet that there were a few options and that i would get it out - i just wasn't sure which option would work. i said i'd have a look in the morning.

i didn't wait until the morning as it was in my head and i had to go and see what i could do. i first tried a weighted piece of cutting line with double sided tape, trying to get the envelope to stick to it - but that didn't so i went to plan B - opening up the column.
after removing the quarter round moulding i pried apart the wood and presto - look it's a hard drive. now the fixing of the column - i decided to do that today when i could actually see what i was doing. so this morning i went to the shop, did some lawn mower maintenance, washed and cleaned my truck and then headed to do some nailing, sanding and painting - i am not much of a painter.

in the end i think it turned out ok. the main problem was the wood being so old - it splintered and cracked so i had to try and make it all a-ok again. a few nails, some wood filler, a little sanding and paint and wham. a nice column once again - the paint will need to weather a bit to blend in but it's good. and mark can do the work needed. and somehow i ended-up with a bottle of tequila for my efforts - thanks!! 
working for booze works from time to time.
i met up with 'he who can not be named on the blog' and had a nice visit with him and juliet and then it was time to get home and get ready for my dinner tonight with the lovely fawn - who's marriage is only a month away now. (pretty exciting stuff....) - at bao bei on keefer street - home of the wildly popular chinatown night market...something i can not get my head wrapped around. we had a great mix of food and it was great to see fawn and shoot the breeze - cool cat that fawn. thanks for dinner fawnzie!

off to bed soon...more wrap fun tomorrow.

g. xo

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