Wednesday, August 21, 2013

an end to the pain.

this year's crop was shit. no two ways about it. everything in my garden was a bust. sure, i had a few decent potatoes, a few tomatoes but really, it sucked. i am, of course due to my nature in such matters, thinking of not planting anything next year but i probably will anyways. such a glutton for punishment. i will, however, try and really sweeten the pot over the winter - manure, compost, etc. hopefully that will help.

and so it was today that i decided i'd had enough and tore out the tomatoes and what were my dreadful examples of onions. i did leave the zucchini but only to see if something happens - i am pretty sure it will amount to exactly zero but i still have a little hope. but i do expect to be tearing it out very soon as well.

these are the good times.

g. xx

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