Wednesday, July 31, 2013

days away

tomorrow morning, early, my ladyfriend and i are heading off to roam/drive, somewhat, aimlessly around washington and oregon for a few days - seattle, bainbridge, portland, yachats - yes yachats, bend, etc. there will be mexican food, wool shopping, reading, staying in dodgy hotel/motels, more mexican food, some not-mexican food, looks at the ocean from the oregon seaside, and more dodgy hotels/motels. love it.
then, after we get home, i am back for one day and then will head off to philadelphia, washington, d.c., and houston to see a few baseball games. three for sure with the fourth nooner thrown in if i feel the urge before i fly out of houston back to seattle on the sunday evening. i may just wanna find the best bbq in houston and settle in until my flight leaves.
so the next communiques will likely be from south of the border...where? i have no idea.

g. xo

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