Saturday, March 31, 2012

sofa no more

so..the tale of the couch takes an unexpected turn....
fullhouse has decided they don't want to sell me the floor model either now, not because they don't like me, they have lost confidence in the company, steven anthony, that makes the couch and don't want me to have a bad sofa. they have had a little trouble recently with his couches and would rather have me have my money back and find a couch i will like and be happy with rather than have me return in a few months complaining about my sofa...and i respect that. i like that they are being upfront and honest. i still have no couch and now have to go back to looking around to try and find one i like and then...
anyhow. they have told me they will give me a couch to sit on while i find one i like - be it from them or elsewhere...that's very nice of them.
so...away we go.


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