Monday, March 26, 2012

The waiting.

Yesterday was a barnburner to be sure. A morning spent working on my coffee table - refinishing it, weeding in my garden, general tidying getting ready for the new couch that they said I could pick up today FOR SURE, but when I called them today they say it's now tomorrow and is that ok?
Well, it kinda has to be.
Then there was a bomber game at 3:30 followed by a cowboys game at 6:00. Then, after dropping Corie off at home I had to run out to port Coquitlam to pick up a part and deliver it to another shop in Burnaby...I didn't have any dinner between games so I was some hungry I tell you, so I stopped in at Roma for a quick snack before heading home...nice.
Today has been a bit if a bust, though a plumber did manage to get my place in gastown sorted. I still have to put a new handle on but that's it. Nice to have that squared away.
Otherwise not much has gotten done today - the couch remains out there somewhere, an ignitor for ailsa's BBQ remains unfound, etc... Maybe tomorrow.
Ok. Chiro soon followed by dinner with Issy....that'll be nice.

g. xo

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