Thursday, March 29, 2012

Señor sofa...gonzo

Well, after discovering a few too many things I don't like about the sofa - and we're talking manufacturing errors not me just not liking the thing... I'm now in discussions with Fullhouse about what is to be done. And it wasn't just me...the Garbs weighed in on the problems as did he who can not be named on the blog. And better yet, a friend of he who can not be named on the blog is a professional interior decorator and buyer of very high end furniture and she came over to have a look and gave it the thumbs down.
So...we'll see what happens but that couch ain't staying'.
I am bummed but want a piece like the one I fell in love with at the store - which may be the one I get in the end...some discounts may have to be applied..
Details as they come.

g. xo

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