Saturday, March 10, 2012


after pressure washing my deck to within an inch of its life, i took my show on the road to issy's. there was some green grime out there that needed washing off so it was done in a quick and furious manner. then as i am able bodied, somewhat, i broke out the ladder and started in on the eaves - it had been a while since anyone had cleaned them out and having done them as a kid i figured today, or that day, was as good as any to be up on a ladder, in the rain, cleaning crap out of gutters.
it started out badly when the grape arbor i had put my ladder up against - one that has never given an ounce of grapes worth eating - decided that it had had enough, broke and sent my ladder going one way and me the's kinda funny how as your falling you have to decide, and quickly, where and how you're gonna land.
it worked out. but the grape arbor is now done. and really, it's day was done a long time ago.
in the end, a clean green free house at issy's. good stuff.
last night it was my first visit back to refuel since being back from the world trip and i was ready for some snacks - as were corie and the garbs. i have nothing really new to add about a visit to refuel except that last night the garbs and i, corie passed on the opportunity, tried the roasted bone marrow for the first time....i'm pretty sure there will be a second and third time for that. good. really good. the burgers and dry ribs were awesome as well...and the margs.
today i have been senor domestic and cleaned the yard. lots of dust here you give a shit...anyhow..i have bigger fish to fry that my dust anyways...
i have a grocery store below me now (beware i am about to make some overly dramatic statements but right now i feel them...for reals...) it's a no-frills. not that the type matters, because it doesn't. but. for the last six months they have been doing construction down there and making a fucking racket every day. drilling, building of an elevator, tons of contractors..and that's the way that goes. i get it. you're building something. but now, i get to hear the daily goings on down there. the loading bay doesn't seem to be a huge deal with the trucks and trailers doing deliveries in the mornings - though last night at 7 pm a huge semi was backing to do a delivery...nice. but what i hear is some sort of system they have in place for moving shit around down there. things with steels wheels, i assume, that make a hell of a racket. and it's every day. not all day. but every day. and early.
sure, i'm an early riser but, i'm not a fan of this noise. and while i understand that i am living in a city and living with others, etc...this shit sucks.
i am going to try and see what they've got going on in the back that's making all the noise and scraping sounds, and i have heard that the guy who owns the store - alphie, is a good guy. so....we'll see if something can be done. if not...well, we'll see then but....i may have to think about moving.
the increased traffic in my alley, the trucks bringing deliveries, the scraping and moving noises, etc...i don't know, honestly, if i'll be able to take it...i never thought a grocery store would make me wanna move but, maybe...just maybe.
i think the garbs was right last night when he said it was an age thing...and not that i'm a geezer but, i see the city differently now that i did when i was younger. i need the things the city offers less and less every year. i don't need the night clubs, i don't need all the sports teams, i'm not looking to make the scene...i'm here for a few reasons life is here. but my life really is a small part of the whole city. my relationship with garvie, issy, a handful of close friends, and my job. that's it. that's why i am here.
my reality is i need a couple of good places to eat, a movie theatre, my job or a job, a team to play hockey with and decent internet. i don't need 90% of the stores on fourth or main street. and i don't need all the traffic...sadly, the work is here so i'll stay....but if i win the lotto ever, all bets are off...

g. xo

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issy said...

The falling of the ladder was terrifying and at the same time funny to watch..He did a great job! thanks Issy