Friday, March 02, 2012

stories in LA, sandstorms and back tracking to austin.


i have to say that yesterday in tucson was about as perfect a day in that town as can be had. lunch at little poca cosa, coffee at epic coffee, a very nice visit with renee's parents - george and nancy - then a margarita at the cup cafe inside the congress hotel and then, the topper, before leaving town a short trip to the vacant lot at stone and 22nd where a couple of guys make sonoran hot dogs. perfect.
then it was off towards phoenix, actually just west of phoenix, and then to bed. so good. i wanted to get on the other side of town so in the morning i was not going to have to deal with the morning traffic.

and it worked...but what was interesting was the wind. and the sand. and then the two together. my arms are actually kinda sore tonight and tired from keeping my hands hard on the wheel as the gusts of wind were so hard that they would force the car sideways at times...not un-nerving at all. and i got to see and be in my first sandstorm. it was small but it gave me a very good idea what a big one would be like. the pictures i took don't really do it justice. it's like being in a fog on the highway except it's sand and super sandy. super cool.

i rolled into town and made my way to see libby at her shop ranch-n-roll. her birthday was yesterday so it was nice to be able to give her a visit as my birthday present to her. libby is awesome and has had, to say the least, an interesting life since moving to LA three years ago. (she had moved there to be with her boyfriend of eight years - they had been dating long distance all that time...) and then after she came south it kinda all went south. and the story of how it all did fall apart os will be repeated in select company but not here.
we took her dog tango for a walk and had some tacos and talked and it was awesome to see her. she's very happy despite all that's gone on and i think things are gonna go her way from now on.

i then got i my stinky ride and drove down to the area of town that shauna is now living with, with the her new man, and after a short look at her place - an old store front - we went and got some coffee and a coupe treats...the sun and such seems to be agreeing with her and she, like libby, seems happy with life in LA...
then it was time to get on the highway and make my way north. i can only stay in LA for so long and right now any city and all the traffic after being out on the road with no traffic is hard to take. austin texas. here's my thoughts on that town.
great looking city and the people i met there, just a few but, were all very nice and happy to help and give directions and...but i think unless you're there for a specific purpose - like south by southwest (music festival) or to run the restaurants every night, and see the shops on south congress's like most other cities. i'd say that portland actually is a city i'd prefer to spend more time in. i think to really enjoy auatin i'd need to drink more. and then even more. i'd definitely go back, but not alone. i think being there with someone and doing things together is more austin style.

i'm actually shacked up in a motel 6 and am a little annoyed that for the second time at a hotel on this trip i have to pay extra for wi-fi.

ok. bed time...below a bunch of pics for the last while...

g. xo

 i had bbq at this place. doggy 'hood. and the place had no windows.
 night in the middle of texas.
 i wanted to try the chicken here but they were closed.
 libby's shop in LA.
 sandstorm action.
 tacos in LA.
a nice drink at the congress.

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