Saturday, March 03, 2012

hello santa cruz, hello san francisco...hello I-5

after a nice sleep at the old motel 6 i was ready to go - as usual at the old man time of 5 a.m. good lord. my sleep on this trip has been nothing short of weird. and fucked. yet i seem to be making it ok.
got into santa cruz around nine am this morning and decided i needed to do some laundry as my car was getting a little smelly...not terrible but...and it worked out well because one of the stores i wanted to go to wasn't open until ten am so...all good.

after i picked up a new pair of sunglasses - same drill as the last three times i have been there, it was off to do a little walk around and then get some lunch...and my friends, we have a new top dog in the world of mexican food in santa cruz.

los pericos taqueria is fucking amazing. i had driven by it many times before but had always gone to my mainstays but today i decided to give it a go....good lord! as i said the other day i wondered if i would ever find something as good as little poca cosa again....well, today i did. totally different, but amazing. it made my day. next time i'm in santa cruz there won't be any doubt about where i'm getting my lunch...and maybe my dinner.

then it was off to the surfer statue to drop off some shoes. a while ago i dropped off a well worn pair of shoes and left some change in them hoping one of the dudes in santa cruz that needs a pair of shoes would take them. of course i have no idea who got the shoes but i have always hoped it was a homeless guy who could use them. today i put another pair there that i was done with. hopefully tonight a guy there is wearing a new pair of nikes.

 i left santa cruz and headed into san francisco for a couple hours...i wasn't going to there at all as garvie and i were just there a couple of months ago but i remembered a couple of things i wanted to pick up so i went downtown and, since it was several hours later i needed a little pick me up before i hit the road towards i dropped by pancho villa for a couple little tacos...not as good as santa cruz but still great....and then it was get out of town time...
so here i am in weed, california and tomorrow i will be in portland and then my own bed...i look forward to it...

see you soon...

g. xo

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