Thursday, March 22, 2012

lead legs, sanding and hopes of a couch...

oh man, i'll tell you, i did not play like a champ last night. i kinda knew i didn't have it in me last night but i really wanted to get on the ice...i don't think i was completely useless out there - somehow got two assists on goals - but, wow...i felt like i had exactly no jump. my legs felt so tired right off the bat, in warm-up even. i'm hoping the next game i play with the bombers doesn't find me there after being up since four a.m. and the game being at ten at night...but in the end, we won the game and i went to bed.

before...and at top of the page, after...same but different...

i have on my list getting my deck table sanded and ready for the spilling of sauces and drinks and garvie pointed out that it was nice enough out today that i may be able to get that done....pretty good after i ran some stuff over to north vam, dropped by the shop and picked up some meat for tonight's dinner, i gave the table a sand and put one coat of varathane on it. i know i'm maybe not going to get the coats on before it rains or it may be too cold but i'm giv'ner anyways...and i like what the table has and is becoming. sure, i could sand it for hours and get it all back to how it was when it was first out there, but that's not the deal. it's a picnic table essentially and i like the scars and discoloration. it just needs a little protection and clean up. so...that's what it's getting. it will look the same in the end but with a smooth finish once again.
almost two weeks ago i checked on my couch and they said it would be around ten days to get it here...we're passed that so i'm gonna take a walk across the street and see what's what. as much as i love my chairs, i want to have a couch once again. fingers crossed.
also, i'm having some hacking done by a friend of friend today that will, hopefully, bring me once step closer to having a VPN set-up in my place and one step close to ditching my cable...
more fingers crossed.

have fun!

g. xo

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