Tuesday, March 27, 2012

raiding trader joe's and the couch comes home....

after all the waiting and the delays, the couch i ordered from fullhouse on fourth ave. - who i am really not so impressed with right now but that could change...maybe not.
mishi and i decided to drive to bellingham today and make the rounds - which includes a trip to her favorite junk store, a little value village, la gloria for lunch and a huge run at trader joe's...some great crap in my pantry now. yup.
just as we were leaving bellingham, fullhouse called to say that i could pick-up the couch at their warehouse over near main street...sure. ok.
then they called to say i needed to pay them the balance before i could take it home. i told them i kinda thought i should look at it and make sure it was ok before i forked over the cash. makes sense right? could be damaged? or green instead of blue or?....i came home, dropped off my shit and went over to fullhouse and told them i wanted to put the while deal on my debit not my credit card but that they could take a swipe of my credit card and once i knew the couch was ok i would come over and pay them with my debit...nope, they were having none of that.
they came up with some other scenarios that were retarded and in the end i left my debit and credit card there along with my driver's licence so that i could go get the garbs and then go pick-up the couch, go back to fullhouse and pay for the couch.
when we got to the warehouse the couch was still completely covered in the plastic and foam and whatever else with a small part exposed so you could see the top fabric. so we just took it and told them we would inspect it at my place after we paid back at fullhouse.

which we did. both things. though, sidebar....the woman who owns fullhouse, who told me that a credit card imprint expires the next day - which is a load of shit since i had already used the same procedure to take a carpet home from their store less than a week previous and i told her so - was still at the store when we got back there to pay and she was on her cell phone talking shit with someone. she didn't so much as move, look at me, or say a word upon our return. no, 'how's the couch?', 'thanks for understanding about the money...', 'i hope you love the couch'....nothing. i'd say it's very unlikely i will be buying anything for fullhouse again....nice stuff...kinda shitty communication with the customer...and i'll tell you right now, i was at my most polite ever. just sayin'.

anyhow...we got it back to my place..
and low and behold...damage. the wood trim that was an option looked like someone took a a small hammer to it...so, a phone call was made and then an email was sent with pictures attached...(there are a couple of other things i'm not stoked about but i know i'm just being super fussy so i'm gonna let them go....)
the rest...not sure. but something.
then the garbs and i went to pronto on cambie street for some pork. that place is good. we'll be back....good stuff...more of a report on this joint later...but enough to say that it's garbs approved.

g. xo

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