Saturday, March 31, 2012

hello boston! hello new york city!

hey, didn't i just come back from the east coast? (the long way....) but yes i did. well, i'm going back. ailsa's brother is getting married in new york on the 21st of april and i am going to do my hair and put on a clean shirt and watch it all unfold.
years ago, so many, i decided i wanted to see every baseball team play at home and i have done pretty well but still have a few to go - including the boston red sox so, with the great help of cam and jess, i have tickets to the rangers/sox game on the 17th, so one more park will be taken care of.
i have also booked some tickets to the yankees game - hate the yankees but the mets are out of town - for the 19th with ailsa and fiona. i have been to a few yankees games but have not been to the new stadium so that's cool.
i am contemplating going to washingtion d.c. as well to see the nationals but we'll see how that goes...i was going to take a train to washington and then fly back to seattle from there. i'll let that one unfold as it does.

ok. i have a coffee date with mr. mushet at 9 am and then i egt to go get my new glasses at eyes on twelfth and then....a meeting with the owner of fullhouse about my couch and what's going to be done about mine...they have offered me the floor model, which i am cool with, but a discount should be in order. more details as this unfolds as well. lunch and art show with garvie and fiona....big day.

ok. have fun today.

g. xo

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