Sunday, April 01, 2012

design within 200 miles

after a day that started off pretty well, then became a bummer (for a few reasons), i ended up in a few furniture stores looking for a new couch to replace my new couch. and i'm here to tell you, the pickings in this city are, south i must go. i was on the 'design within reach' site and they have a couch, the Bantam, that i have to have a look at. i have a great chair i bought at Bombast in Chinatown, near storm salon, but they never seem to be open or return calls so as much as i'd like to buy local Russell, who owns Bombast makes it kinda hard to do so. nice sofas on their web site but hard to try if the doors are never open. Living Space near my place didn't have much that caught my eye and what did was over ten grand so that's out. i also went by the Style Garage, which is the storefront for Gus Modern out of Toronto. they have some nice stuff but i found i liked part of one sofa that i'd like to combine with another part of another sofa...and everything is made off shore and i'm not usually too fussed about that but in this case i'd like something that's made on this side of the ocean.
i work tomorrow but i think i'll drive to Seattle tuesday morning for a quick trip to the design within reach store in Belltown and see what's looks awesome on-line, hopefully it'll look good in person as well...
today...a little house cleaning, contacting Fullhouse to arrange getting this couch outta here, Bomber hockey in the afternoon and then bed early as i have to be up at 4:00 am to go to work....

have a great sunday.

g. xo

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