Wednesday, March 14, 2012

and so....

well, that went well. after the ferry fiasco, the moving of the couch to tracey's place in victoria - with floyd helping out - was a easy as pie. so in the end tracey has a new couch and i have room for my new one - whenever it shows up...should be soon.
this morning, after a nice coffee, i got my shot together and got to work on my list of things to do. (i like lists, it helps to make sense of my days...when i'm not working on a show i can flounder if i don't keep myself busy...) today's action was kinda laid out for me but i added one thing i didn't have planned in advance - getting rid of my living room carpet. so, as much as i have a love/hate thing with facebook, it's good for getting rid of stuff - like craigslist is. except with facebook you're giving it to friends or at least facebook friends. today that's how it went...though i do consider the person, sheri - a friend and as it turned out she needed a carpet for her studio - she's a painter doncha know.. wicked. so i rolled it up and threw it in the element to take to her... was of to ailsa's to get shit done there. today it was fixing a GFI plug in her bathroom, caulking the spout on her bathtub, pressure washing her deck and seeing why her bbq wasn't working...all done. all good. (thanks to my uncle glen for lending me his small electric pressure washer...nice unit dude.)
then it was time for lunch. i called mishi and went down and we hossed down on some burgers - hers salmon, mine real meat - at the market on granville island...nice.
after lunch i decided, while it's still a ways off, i should take one of my mowers in to shima's to get it tuned up and ready to go once the day came...the snow today tells me that it's still a ways off ....but you never know...i was looking at corie's lawn the other day and within a few weeks i'll be cutting it.
now a little relaxo. tonight dinner at ailsa's and then bomber hockey. a couple more regular season games and then we're into the playoffs...then a couple days after that, the spring/summer league starts...

have fun.

g. xo

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